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This course shows off one of the easiest ways in history to build a big, highly targeted list FAST!

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  • You will see a bird’s eye view of the system at work
  • This is designed to get you fired up about the training and the new list you will soon build
  • The easiest way to quickly find people who are hungry for what you can feed them
  • If you don’t know what market to target you’ll find one here in 10 minutes flat
  • How you can key in on some of the richest niches in the world and put those people on your list so you can promote to them exactly what they want
  • You’ll learn the very first steps and accounts you’ll need in order to get rockin
  • You will also learn the secret traffic source that’s been laying under your nose that will bring you the most targeted traffic you can get
  • In some cases it will require $0 to get started
  • How to generate traffic to see your secret offer like a pro
  • The trick to converting this traffic in a non-sleazy kinda way
  • Learn why your visitors should see you as a giver ratger than a taker
  • What steps to take after your campaign is finished and your new list is built
  • Learn which buttons to push to send your campaign live
  • Which 4 e-mails must be in your auto-responder follow-up sequence for huge responsiveness
  • How to make your back-end pay off in a big way

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